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Should congress party give memebrship to Mr.K. Muralidharan ?
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Posted by: haridas, trivandrum
Dated Posted :  11/02/2009
Congress should give membership to Muralidharan. According to the bye-law of congress he can be admitted to congress. Then why he is not admitted is a quesion. I think some of the present leaders have fear that if he is admitted their chances of becoming an entry into the national leadership will break because of the leadership quality of Mr.Muralidharan. This is the reason congress trailing other parties. There is no need to make a post-martem about his previous political affairs. Some of the present leaders were once a part of LDF Government
Posted by: Valsan, Yanbu
Dated Posted :  10/04/2009
Never do
Posted by: Anna, usa
Dated Posted :  08/31/2009
I think what sujatha said is correct !
Posted by: sujatha, usa
Dated Posted :  08/30/2009
kerala being a political battle field within each party and between parties, people are very open minded about their thoughts.... i strongly believe murali shd wait and think of his past in politics....he shd stay away from politics for a while and learn what is creative politics..than practising destructive politics.

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