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Subject : Kerala
Content : Tourism of Kerala

Kerala is probably the greenest place you will ever see, it is one of the 10 paradises in the world. The coconut palms, the red tiles houses, the innumerable lakes and beaches will remain long lasting impressions to any visitor. The colourful festivals, various types of dances, martial arts and wildlife sanctuaries are the other attractions.

Location Kerala is a narrow strip of land locates on the south western edge of the Indian subcontinent. It is placed between the Western Ghats mountain range on the East and the Arabian Sea on the West

Legend says that Parashuram, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu threw his axe into the sea from Gokarnam (near present day Manglore) and it is believed the sea retreated from where his axe fell to give birth to Kerala!

Geographically, Kerala is a heady amalgam of Nature\\\'s very best. The divine high ranges of the Western Ghats on the east. The Arabian Sea on the west. Emerald paddy fields. Virgin forests. Limpid backwaters, and beaches by the dozen, which in the days of yore, lured adventurous hearts from all over the globe.Kerala is God\\\'s own land, untouched and unparalleled.

Kerala is a land of great natural beauty. From the majestic heights of the Western Ghats the country . . .

The elegant waterfalls at Vazhakal near Cochin is a popular tourist spot.

Deciding on how long to stay depends on how much you want to spend. Along the coast, sand dunes shelter a linked chain of lagoons and backwaters the still waters of which are studded with sea-gulls and country canoes plying at a snails pace.


The Renaissance, Cochin. The Backwaters are essentially inland lakes connected by a network of canals. To the budget traveler Kerala is one of the most attractive places Rs.

Every Cottage comprises of an air-conditioned room, teakwood ceiling, tiled flooring, cane furniture, spacious bathrooms with all modern trimmings, telephone, television, refrigerator and a verandah that offers a splendid view. March, April and May are generally a good deal hotter than the other months but it is a much better time to watch wild life. Give new dimensions to the background of the land. The jungles of Kerala are famous for elephants and tigers besides other animals like sambar, deer, and wild buffalos.

For tourist, Kerala offers Nature on a platter.

Paradise resorts, a group of cottages situated in \\\'Konchumada\\\' a rustic suburb of Kumarakom. The life is tough and traditional work is highly labour intensive - a reason for the strong Communist sympathies of the rural folks. undulates westward presenting a scene of silent valleys clothed in the richest green.

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