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Subject : Kerala
Content : Kerala is rightly known as gods own country.Kerala is a state situated in the souther region of India.Kerala can be well defined as the bowel of traditions and culture.And unlike most other cases kerala's centuries old traditions and culture does not hold it back from being uptodate in fields of ideologies , oppurtunities , resources and lifestyle.Traditional art forms such as kathakali are still one of the most cherished n worshipped treasures of keralaites.

Kerala is also a paradise of festivals.The state's most celebrated festival is signifies the return of kerala's most loving king Mahabali , which happens only once a year.Kerala is a state of vibrant colours , entertainment , ideologies , places and most importantly history.

Kerala is truly a secular state.In Kerala one can witness the unnion of varios religions.Each of the religions co exist with each other in mutual understanding and peace.This is one of the reasons to justify Kerala's title as gods own country.

Politically Kerala has one of the most wel established governing system of India.Every five year a truly democratic voting system is held in order to elect the government.And each parties go hand in hand in order to bring Kerala to its due glory n success heights.
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