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Posted On :    Jul 14, 2008
Country Style :    India
Regional Style :    Kerala
Serving Time :    Lunch
Food Type :    Curry
Recipe Type :   Vegetarian
Main Ingredients :    Mixed Vegetables
Preparation time :    0 days 0 hours 20 minutes
Cooking Time :    0 days 0 hours 20 minutes
Total Time :    0 days 0 hours 40 minutes


Drumsticks-230 gm
Potatoes-125 gm
Mangoes-115 gm
Brinjal-120 gm
Elephant yam-120 gm
Plantain(raw)-115 gm
Coconut oil-50 ml
Green chillies-5 gm
Turmeric-a pinch
Cumin-a pinch
Curry leaves-a sprig
Salt-to taste

Preparation Method

Wash and peel vegetables and cut them
into long pieces.
Boil vegetables in sufficient water with
turmeric and salt.
Grind together coconut, chillies and
cumin to a fine paste.
Add ground ingredients and curry leaves
to boiled vegitables. Bring to boil.
Add coconut oil and remove from fire.