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Chakka varattiathu
Posted On :    Jul 01, 2008
Country Style :    India
Regional Style :    Kerala
Serving Time :    Anytime
Food Type :    Fruit
Recipe Type :   Vegetarian
Main Ingredients :    Jack Fruit
Preparation time :    0 days 1 hours 0 minutes
Cooking Time :    0 days 2 hours 15 minutes
Total Time :    0 days 3 hours 15 minutes


Jackfruit pods with seeds removed-1 kg
Jaggery-500 gm
Fat-115 gm
Cardamom powder- a pinch

Preparation Method

Mince jackfruit.
Prepare a thin syrup with jaggery and
water and strain.
Place jackfruit in a deep and thick-
bottomed pan.
Cover with water and cook.
When nearly dry and cooked, add the
jaggery syrup.
Stir continuously till all the moisture
has evaporated.
Add the fat and continue stirring till
the fat starts separating from the
Sprinkle over with cardamom powder.
Mix well.
Remove on to a greased plate and spread
Cool, cut into squares and bottle.