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Chicken Gumbo Soup(b)
Posted On :    Dec 19, 2009
Country Style :    China
Regional Style :    Hong Kong
Preparation time :    N/A
Cooking Time :    N/A
Total Time :    N/A


1. Chicken stock -1 litre
2. Capsicum -1
3. Ladies finger -115gm
4. Onions -100gm
5. Tomatoes -225gm
6. Chicken -60gm
7. Raw rice -2 gm
8. Butter -20gm
9. Refined flour -20gm

Preparation Method

1. Bring stock to boil reduce heat and rice and simmer for about for about 20
2. Melt butter saute chopped onions stir flour .
3. Add blanched and pured tomatoes.ladies fingers cut into rounds and chopped
capsicum to stock and simmer add some stock gradually to blended flour
mixture beating with a whisk.
4. Return to soup stirring constantly untill thick.
5. Add chicken and simmer for another 10 minutes.