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Chinese fried rice
Posted On :    Oct 09, 2009
Country Style :    China
Regional Style :    Hubei
Serving Size :    6
Recipe Type :   Non-Vegetarian
Preparation time :    N/A
Cooking Time :    0 days 4 hours 0 minutes
Total Time :    0 days 4 hours 0 minutes


1. Rice (good quality) -500gm
2. Eggs -3
3. Chicken -100gm
4. shumps -100gm
5. Ham -100gm
6. Soya souce -20ml
7. Oil -20ml
8. salt and pepper -to taste

Preparation Method

1. Prepare boiled rice and chill
2. shred and saite till almost done
3. shell and de-vain sheimps
4. Wash well and boil .Ad beaten eggs and make a plain omelotte.heat oil in a
5. Add diced or shredded chicken picecs whote boiled shrimps and diced ham
6. Add cooked of large spoon or ladle break up any lumps to seperate grains
and coat rice with oil mix in seasoning and soya sauce fry rice well
7. Add chopped spring onions remove and serve hot .